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STFP, a brand born out of our family's passion for sports and performance, was created in response to the pervasive negativity surrounding high-level sports and artistic endeavors. We observed a recurring issue of detrimental commentary from the sidelines or even on the way home, leading many young athletes and artists to abandon activities they love due to reinforced feelings of inadequacy. Often, well-meaning parents inadvertently contribute to this problem, causing confusion, self-doubt, and self-consciousness.

The feedback we received when introducing the STFP concept to our circle—friends, family, team members, coaches, and referees—was overwhelming. It resonated with everyone as a significant problem, with many sharing personal experiences of parental pressure during their own growth. The challenge is clear: how can young athletes and performers effectively cope with this issue?

Too many youth athletes choose to give up a sport or an activity they love because the relentless chatter only reinforces a negative idea that they’re not good enough. Most of the time it’s the parents who think they are only trying to help their athlete or performer when in reality, it’s only causing confusion, self-doubt and making them self-conscious.

Our solution lies in providing athletes and performers with a positive mantra: "I got this from here." This affirmation empowers them to self-advocate, fostering a positive environment for open conversations about the necessary space for optimal performance. It also equips supportive adults with a gentle approach to discuss the importance of enabling athletes to bring their best efforts and learn from both successes and failures.

Recognizing the need to offer more than just advice on what not to do, STFP provides alternatives—lists of positive cheers and supportive comments that can be used, even in less-than-ideal performances. The ultimate objective is to prioritize the mental health of young athletes and performers, promoting mental and emotional resilience. Our aim as parents is to offer unwavering support, ensuring their confidence when it's time to perform.

To further our commitment, STFP allocates a portion of every sale to support programs and organizations dedicated to youth mental health and fostering mental and emotional resilience. Through these efforts, we aspire to contribute to the well-being and growth of young individuals, allowing them to thrive and navigate the challenges of performance on their own terms.

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